Friday, March 9, 2012

Why crossfit can be harmful

I am going to use a squat as an example.

When performing a deep squat with weights while you are training it will be difficult to maintain proper form i.e straight back, pelvis symmetrical, fight straight. This is because if you have tightness or imbalances that have not been addressed by adding weights (intensity), repetitions (frequency) and sets (duration) will lead to even more problems and possible compensations which will turn into injuries or even habits that may be difficult to break free of.

Crossfit has yet to address imbalances.

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  1. I agree Alicia. I would like to add that crossfit does not address the need for recovery work.

    He who recovers the fastest wins.

    Alicia you look like a real competitor, so I'm going to give you a gold nugget.

    This is the way I train and I have not found anything to rival it.

    It's called Circular Strength Training or CST created by Scott Sonnon.

    Right now I'm preparing for my certification and I want to pass on the knowledge.

    Here's the website:

    Read it check it out and tell me what you think.

    I thoroughly believe it's perfect for you.

    Oh I almost forgot don't forget to check out the CST Tacfit Programs.

    I'm secretly working through Tacfit Barbarian.

    Don't tell anyone it's not in my CST training protocol, and I'm not suppose to be doing it.

    Train smart and train hard.