Monday, February 27, 2012

Lebert Equalizer

Recently I have been hearing a lot of buzz in the fitness community about the Lebert Equalizer and I was very interested in trying it out. According to the products website the Equalizer is a total body strengthener. You can use it for more than just dips. It can be used for not just your arms, but your chest, back and even as I have learned an accessory for burpees! You may have seen it on the popular at home training website Body Rock.

The Lebert Equalizer is an amazing product that I think all trainers especially independent contractors and bootcamp instructors should have. Its light weight, easy to put together and there are endless amount of exercises you can do with it. Trust me when I tell you that I absolutely love my Equalizer

How do I know? Well I contacted the inventor Marc and told him how interested I was in his product and he responded almost immediately with an invite to one of his classes at Fitness Nation (his personal training studio) which he is an owner and teaches classes at. I obviously said yes and ventured out to the city of Mississauga to see what it was all about.

My first impression of Fitness Nation was that it is the type of atmosphere I would love to work in. It was easy to find and immediately upon entering his staff was friendly and helpful. All of the clients leaving and seemed to be happy, smiling and sweaty. Which is what a trainer always loves to see! I chatted with a few people waiting for the next class to start and they all raved that they loved the class and it was hard but fun. The class that I was attending was a mix of boxing and the Equalizer.

As a trainer myself I tend to be a bit of critique when it comes to other trainers/coaches/instructors but I have to say that Marc is one of the best trainers and instructors I have ever had for a class up to date. He is so passionate and enthusiastic not just about his product but about fitness in general. He was full of constant energy, even doing most of the workout with us, had great up beat music playing and pushed us all throughout the class.  The class itself was a perfect mix of boxing and the Equalizer. I learned a lot of exercises that I could do with my clients and myself. I was challenged and sweating buckets by the end of the class!

Hats off to Marc and all of his staff for having me obsessed with the Equalizer. On my way out Marc graciously gave me my very own Eq's and I use them all the time for myself, with clients, and at the gym. Its great for circuit training, boot camp, strength, endurance and even burpees. The possibilities with this little piece of equipment is endless! And if you are ever in the Mississauga area I suggest you do a drop in at Fitness Nation and try one of the classes with the Equalizer. You won't be disappointed.

Also the Equalizer  isn't the only product that Marc has come up with. He also has a buddy system that is great for resistance exercises and a stretching strap. I have not had the opportunity to try these out but hopefully soon I will. Take it from me, I now love the Equalizer and it is such a great product I know that these other two products won't be leaving you disappointed. You can check them out here:


  1. Alicia!
    It was great to meet you the other day, you did an awesome job with the class. Can't wait to have ya back here training with us!

  2. Hi Alicia, wicked reveiw- thank you and keep training hard! Hope to see you soon! Cheers, Marc

  3. The Equalizer is my favourite strength training tool. It’s so compact and versatile – in just a few minutes, I get an amazing full body workout, right in my own living room or backyard! The endless variations on pull-ups, push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, squats, and other core exercises allow (and encourage!) me to constantly challenge myself. I have seen incredible results using the Equalizer, and it continues to be part of every one of my workouts – highly recommended.