Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was recently inquiring about Nike SparQ as a trainer interested in using their products. They told me that they are not looking for any trainers to represent them but to register for their site for any opportunities that may arise.

There are three different options to register as an ATHLETE, COACH or TRAINER.

Im actually an athlete, trainer and coach. It wont let me register as a football athlete because it says register according to gender. I actually play in the LFL so thats a bit disappointing and SEXIST. Pretty sure I AM A FOOTBALL PLAYER. According to them because I am a female I can't register under that sport. As far as sports I actually coach track but there is no option for that as well as a trainer that doesn't do football, basketball or soccer. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Check out the screen shot below when I tried to say I was a football athlete:

So according to them because I AM FEMALE I CANT BE A FOOTBALL PLAYER!

PRETTY SURE I AM A FOOTBALL PLAYER. Thats me tackling the girl with the ball in an LFL game.

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