Friday, November 18, 2011

You keep me going

I work all day to motivate others and I strive to see others achieve their goals. Some days are rewarding, some are draining.  I have bad days though. What keeps me going and not wanting to quit? The reward that I know others rely on me to motivate them and that I make a change in peoples lives.

I asked my FB friends. Do I motivate you? Tell me because I need motivation.

Here are some of the answers that I got.

"I havent had abs since high school and havent been to a gym in years but last year decided its time to become healthy and fit & that was because of you. I realized there is no time like the present and its never 2 late!!" - Channie B

"You sure do, you were strong enough to leave Plaster Rock to get an education. You studied and succeeded and since then move to various cities and continued to succeed at whatever you decided to try. You are successful, and i'm inspired by you (even though I'm older than you)." - Cory B

"You have the best abs... Ever.. Period.. You're sexy and you know it ;)" - Simran K

"Your a inspiration to me!! Motivator!!" - Adam C

"Inspiration is for those who have lost their belief, whether for the moment or for a period longer. Inspiration comes from believing that no matter what you have done, there is more to do. What do you do when you have done all you want to? The only answer is go back and do it again - BETTER and HARDER than the first time." - Nathan L

"Since I'm a track athlete/coach and you're a track athlete/trainer, I think we'd inspire each other to be at the top of our games!" - Lawrence G

"Inspire people for a living and am good at it and seeing what you do inspires me to be better at what i do." - Spencer A

"Have you seen the pics of you planking on balls & other people?!? Showing clients your photo is how I explain "core" to stubborn clients. Please keep up the ridiculously great effort!" - Steph Kerr

"You are VERY inspiring ! For sure, you need to look at where you ( we ) come from and realize how far that is from where you are now :) I mention you in every conversation I have here, that even remotely involves fitness ! And you inspire my kids too, Dexter is very fit and active in sports and we are still trying to master that double plank! ( He surely will, but I doubt I can ! LOL ) Kepp up the great work!" - Shelly B

Thank you for cheering me up today and reminding me why I keep doing this.



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  2. I agree with this so much - inspiration is so key to being a personal trainer, knowing that I'm inspiring people motivates me even more, and makes this profession so rewarding!