Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alicia Bell's 8 Minute Ab Routine

This Ab Routine takes 4 minutes so go through it twice for a total of 8 minutes!

Exercise 1: Alternate bicycles: 30s

Exercise 2: V Tucks: 30s

Exercise 3: Toe Touches: 30s 

Exercise 4: Raise Leg Crunch: 30s

Exercise 5: Alternate V-Sits: 30s

Exercise 6: Reverse Crunch: 30s

Exercise 7: Alternate Elbow to Knee: 30s each side


  1. Wow I'm definitely goings to do this.

  2. I like those alternate v-sits! I'm gonna have to add them to my exercise image library. Check out the blog for some other unique abdominal exercises.

  3. Definitely going to do this with my trainer. one question, what is an alternative for the toe touches if your not that flexible?