Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caveman Cookies

I found this on a which is a blog I visit frequently. These cookies are what is known as the paleo diet or cave man diet:

Caveman Cookies

Living a healthy lifestyle can be confusing: Eat six times a day by reducing meal size and snacking. Don’t snack. Don’t eat carbs, focus on proteins. Too much red meat is bad for you. Drink soy milk because it doesn’t contain lactose. Don’t drink soy milk because it increases estrogen levels lest you risk a bad case of the moobs.
In times of confusion it’s a good idea to go back to what our ancestors did. They ate only naturally occurring foods — nothing processed. Founded on this principle, Caveman Cookies ($6) proves natural and cookies aren’t mutually exclusive. Born in the city that never sleeps by a lawyer who slept even less, Caveman Cookies contain only natural products, which means there is no room for dairy, gluten, or refined sugars. They come individually wrapped to keep them moist and they taste a bit like what you’d imagine a Clif Bar cookie to be. Gluten free usually means taste-free and grit-full, but that’s not the case here.

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