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The Calories Burned While Working at McDonald's

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The Calories Burned While Working at McDonald's
The Calories Burned While Working at McDonald's


Exercises can burn a tremendous amount of calories. A Mcdonald's employee can burn fewer of them, yet still possibly lose weight during a regular eight-hour shift.

McDonalds Employees

Today, there are fast food restaurants all over the world and thousands of McDonald's restaurants alone. This fast food chain serves millions of people daily. That means that at any given time there are thousands of employees working in these restaurants. Mcdonald's offers flexible schedules with discounted, and some times free, food. This is very appealing to people of all ages and demographics seeking employment. Job tasks are very easy, with employees usually trained to do one simple monotonous task for their entire shift.

Calories Burned

When a Mcdonald's employee is working she generally stands, and walks to another nearby location for condiments, food or beverages. The average person burns 81 calories per hour just standing in one spot and 126 calories when walking leisurely, according to's calculator. This brings the average total of calories burned during an employee's shift to 1656 per hour. If she happens to have one of the free or discounted Big Macs at 540 calories, this brings her total burned to only 1116, and this is not including fries or a soda.


It should be taken into consideration that everyone has a BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is the energy your body uses per day to maintain itself. Assuming the average Mcdonald's worker is 20 years old and weighs 150 pounds, he would have a BMR of around 1702.7, according to This means that although a Mcdonald's worker can burn 1656 calories, after adding the BMR the total calories burned per shift would be 3358.7. One pound of fat represents approximately 3500 calories, so in the unlikely event that he does not eat or drink anything he can lose almost one pound per shift.


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