Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cardio Bunnies

What is a Cardio Bunny and How To Deal With Them
by Alicia Bell

Everyday you head to the gym for your daily workout. Some of you go in the morning, some on your lunch break and some of you in the evenings. It doesn't matter what time you go to the gym there are always "Cardio Bunnies." on the card machines. 

What exactly is a cardio bunny you ask? Cardio bunnies are women who strictly go to the gym and hop on a cardio machine for hours and hours. They never pick up a weight or do anything else but sweat on one single machine. They put their headphones on and go to work and don't get off until their exact 60 minutes is up. These women usually wear a ton of makeup to the gym just like they were heading to the club.

STAY CLEAR OF THESE BUNNIES! Cardio Bunnies are bad news. They should come with a caution sign. 

There are a few different reasons why you shouldn't try to interact with them. Firstly they are monsters. Think of the movie Gremlins, they go crazy when you throw water at them. These women are similar to gremlins except if you talk to them they usually will ignore you or give you some snide comment. Spare yourself the embarrassment and pretend that they don't exist. 

Secondly these women will not have any muscle tone when they get older because all they do is strictly cardio. They will age to be the weak frail ladies that need walkers, wheel chairs and break bones if they step the wrong way. You do not want any of this in your future.

Thirdly these women are usually high maintenance. They are the women who expect a lot out of their men and usually come at a cost. They are usually stuck up and very into themselves. 

My advice is to find a woman at the gym that not only does card but also lifts weights. Chances are she is overall more fit, she will be friendly, and that means she will be more open to a conversation with you. I can also guarantee you that you will have more in common with one of these girls than one of the bunnies. 

Happy hunting!

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