Thursday, April 7, 2011

I put my heart into my work

As some of you may know I am a Kinesiologist as well as a personal trainer. I do active rehabilitation when I work as a kinesiologist. This means that I am an exercise specialist in rehabilitating you after you have had an accident to get you back to work and so that you are pain free. 

I care about people and I take pride in helping them get better. It is very fulfilling and rewarding to aid in someones recovery, get them back to work, and back to activities they were previously doing and in a pain free way.

However, after so many session with a client and they are not compliant, unwilling to exercise, and are so pain focused it gets frustrating. Its frustrating because I spend time creating rehabilitation programs to progress them from their acute stage of injury up to when they should be getting back to work or back to their previous activities. I care about them, and want to see them pain free. When someone does not want to help themselves and refutes exercises that they are completely  capable of doing that will help them get better can be hard to deal with from the therapists side of things. In the end the patient is wasting the therapists time and their own. 

It is unfortunately that some people just don't want to get better. Maybe its an underlying reason (i.e. sometimes off work people will get more money from insurance/settlements/etc the longer they are off) so they may be lying about being injured, maybe they like the attention they are getting from one on one training. As a therapist/trainer we have to be good listeners so maybe the client enjoys having someone listen to them for that hour. Whatever the reason is they just don't put the effort in to get better and it can be frustrating. 

Personal training and working as an exercise therapist is fulfilling at most times, but somedays it can be just as frustrating as it rewarding. 

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