Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alleviating Knee Pain

Question: I have knee pain, what type of exercise should I be doing to alleviate the pain?

Answer: The best way to do this is strengthen your quadriceps, because they support the knee. The muscle that is on the inside of the knee is called the vastus medialis and when it is strengthened it can help relieve your kene pain. The best way to start to strengthen this muscle is to perform isometric contractions. This can be done by simply straightening your leg until it is straight while sitting in a chair. While you are strengthening it squeeze the muscles on the front of your leg as you raise. Hold this for 10-30 seconds and repeat for about 30 reps each leg. Do this a couple of times a day and soon the vastus medialis will be strengthen and you can move on to different/more advanced quadriceps exercises.

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