Monday, January 17, 2011

How not to embarrass yourself in front of the hot girl at the gym

How not to embarrass yourself in front of the hot girl at the gym

So you want to go to the gym to look good for the ladies. However, usually there are already great looking, sexy, fit women at the gym. If you are not familiar with the gym, you may want to pay close attention to this article so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of these women at the gym and screw up your chances of getting their attention. Women do not want weak men, they want confident, strong, and masculine men.

Below are some of the most common problems that are seen at the gym on daily basis. They are simple and easy to correct. Once adjusted you will feel better and achieve a more efficient and effective workout, and not embarrass yourself in front of the drop dead gorgeous girl next to you on the treadmill.

Proper Workout Wear. For your own saftey proper gym shoes should be worn. Weights could fall at any moment and land on your toes and break them or your foot if you are in sandals etc. No woman want to see a guy working out with adress shirt, and splash pants from 1980. Trust me. I know. I’m a girl.

Shower post workout. Make sure to shower after your workout because sweat can cause bacteria growth. The last thing you want is something along the lines of athletes foot or jock itch. And you definitely don’t want to smell like a gym sock when you see a sexy lady in the lobby of the gym.

 Abdominals. Keep your back pressed against the ground, and your belly button pulled in. Try and not bend your neck to keep everything in line. Don’ go looking like a jack rabbit while doing your abdominal workout. The women will run and hide.

Breathing. Inhale during the negative motion, and exhale during the positive motion.  Don’t hold your breath, this could cause hernias or other injuries. And DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT sound like you would when you have an orgasm. It is not attractive.

Using Weight Clips. Proper safety at the gym is very important. Too many times we through the weights on the bar for squats, bench, or curl bar without putting on the clips. Without the clips any slight movement left or right could send the weights flying, and could cause injury to yourself while lifting or to others next to you. If your weight falls next to the sexy girl next to you she will never look sideways at you again.

Stretching. Stretch at the end of your workout. Don’t bounce while stretching. Instead, hold the position; bouncing can cause injuries. Stick to static stretching, and hold for at least 30 seconds. If you bounce you will only look like a fool and scare away any women that would be slightly interested in you.

Lunges and Squats. Don’t let your knees go past your toes during any exercise. The best example is the squat or lunge. Drop your hips down, and sit back when squating as if there is a chair a little to far back for you. Keep legs shoulder with as well. This will help you avoid injuries. Please workout your legs as much as you do your chest Women do not like men with chicken legs.

Biceps Curls. Be sure there’s no space between your elbows and the sides of your body when performing bicep curls. A lot of times we like to hold the arms out from the body. Don’t use your whole body in a convulsive technique to lift the weight up, you will look ridiculous. Only lift a weight that you can comfortably lift, if not you look like a huge loser.

Running. Heel to toe if you are going for the distance. Dorsi flexed and on the balls of your feet if you are doing sprint intervals. Both should not be performed heavy, but light footed. Don’t forget to use your arms. They are just as important as your feet and legs, and when used your running economy is better (i.e. more efficient).

Hydration. Lack of water decreases your energy level, and fatigue almost always lead to poor technique. Drink up, because if you plan on taking someone out after the gym you want as much energy as you can get.

Protein. You should replenish your stores after your workout no more than 20 minutes after. This helps with muscle growth and recovery. Try a scoop of chocolate promasil added to water or non fat milk.

Personal Trainer. When you get a personal trainer, make sure that they are properly certified and have their CPR. Also make sure that they are just taking you through mindless workouts. It is important to have a periodized plan for best results, and always have a goal. The goals are what will keep you motivated besides having set appointments with your trainer. You will look like you take the gym seriously if you are with a trainer, not to mention they can show you everything you are doing wrong.

Holding on tight to Cardio Equipment  You should hold lightly and keep a tall posture posture. If you feel confident it is even better to do it hands free. When you naturally swing your arms it promotes more calorie burning and improves your balance. That will help with day to day activities. And you look weak if you need handles. Women don’t want a weak man.


  1. so right. be wary of the wind storm (vigorous, loud, hyperventilation breath when not doing intense cardio).
    ahh and guys who work out ego ... if you had to use your entire body as a levee to just life that weight 3 times it´s so strange.

    good advice Alicia

  2. hot pic bet a bunch guys were yanking after watching ya work out... work out! ;0