Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fitness is Mind and Body

Woke up today feeling pretty exhausted. I didn't fuel my body properly yesterday, and hadn't had much sleep the night before. After working a full day and night I was a zombie. (yes it happens to everyone).

Anyway, I am always stressing how fitness is not just body, but it is mind. I have a horososcpe app on my blackberry torch, and I clicked on the "scorpio" icon. It read,

"You are making something much harder than it has to be, Scorpio. You are straining when you need to be relaxing. You are putting yourself under pressure when you should be more carefree. This might involve a relationship issue, it might involve something that's going on in your home life, or it could involve some aspect of your work or schooling. You are a tough crowd to please, but you are even tougher on yourself. Ease off a little now. The less serious you take yourself, the better things will work out"

This couldn't be more true. I have been straining. I just need to relax and stop putting myself under pressure. I am a much happier person when I am relaxed and carefree. I am checking out of what is putting strain on me and I need to get back to me. That way I can focus on my fitness (MIND AND BODY) and get back to happy :)


Happiness is a choice.

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  1. Yes, fitness is mind body and it is always mind first. Fix your mind on good, healthy, and harmonious thoughts and your body is called into action to make these things happen.