Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do Power Balance Bracelets Really Work?

Power Balance is a huge brand that now has a lot of pro athletes endorsing their product.The company  claims to have holographic technology that will "work with your body's natural energy field", "resonating and responding to the natural energy field" to improve your balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.  Does it really work? They make claims in their advertising that it has been "scientifically proven."

Scientifically proven?
Recently there as been fraudulent advertising claims that have been made by the company have been have been brought to the publics attention by numerous sources. Such as CBC. They site that a Wisconsin professor ran similar tests  as the ones that power band claims that they have on their website. The tests compare "the performance of 42 athletes wearing Power Balance wristbands and silicone versions from Wal-Mart and said he found no difference" and that "I think it is a scam."  He thinks that the better balance and performance nothing to do with the bracelets, and that it is all in people's heads,

Repercussions of false claims
The company is  being sued, slapped with fines for false advertising, and being forced to refund money in some cases. Why make the claim saying it is scientifically proven when it is not? I assume that it is because they thought people would be more apt to buy them if they stated this. However, they should have been smart enough to know that by making false claims they would be responsible for baking them up.

Fans of the bands
Despite the bad press there  are still loyal consumers that CBC reports saying things like "It works. And I don't care why." Again I agree with the professor from Wisconsin; it is all int heir heads. Mental mind is a very strong and powerful thing. Think about visualization and how great of an impact it can have on athletes. Mind over matter. If you believe it then the placebo usually works, such is the case with drug experimentation, "the placebo effect."

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