Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alicia Bell’s Interview With MMA Fighter Lew Polley

I recently got to sit down and talk with MMA fighter and RIVALUS sponsored athlete Lew Polley. Lew Polley is an Ultimate fighter based out of Southern California. He describes his profession as “I am a professional Mixed Martial Artist. It is so tough because you are basically combining aspects of so many Arts and disciplines on top of doing your cross training. Running, lifting, circuit training, wrestling, bjj, muy thai and boxing.”

Lew describes his beginnings by stating that “I was a college wrestler and learned Judo and Sambo. I watched guys that I trained with become successful and I thought I could be as successful or more so. I had an urge to still compete after college so I looked towards MMA.”
I really enjoyed this interview. Particularly because you see just how hard he works to achieve what he wants. He is the perfect description of an athlete. He is goal oriented, focused, driven, hard working, eats well and likes to have fun. He is a very down to earth and intelligent man. I hope that you enjoy this interview with him as much as I did.

Q: So Lew Since we last talked you where preparing for upcoming fights. How did that go? What did you learn from the experience?

A: The fight itself went very well all except the outcome. I dominated my opponent but could not finish. The fight went to decision and I lost in his home town by split decision. It was heart breaking and a real emotional low. It was hard to deal with the outcome but I guess it just made me better. It forced me to want to finish fights. I changed so many things in my life since then. I learned quite a few things about my coaches and myself. I found out that I have good hands and that I should be fighting a weight-class lower. I also found out that fighting in someones back yard is not the best way to get a fair shake.  I found out that my coaches are great and the best is yet to come for me.

Q: In sports there are always challenges, what do you think has been your greatest challenge up to date?

A: My greatest challenges so far is dealing with critics. I always have to hear questions about why I am not in the UFC or I am not good enough, even getting blown off as being irrelevant because I am not in the UFC. Another thing is keeping my mind focused on the task at hand, I am human and doubt starts to set in once things have not gone the way you planned. That is why its great to have a good support system to keep me in line and upbeat. Also getting fights are a pain in the ass. People flake or they only want to fight in their home town and b.s like that.

Q: You have a new supplement sponsor. RIVALUS can you tell us a bit about their products. They just released in the GNC’s in the states didn’t they?

A: RIVALUS is a complete line of supplements for today’s athlete. They cover the full spectrum of all my needs. I love the products and I really enjoy being a RIVALUS athlete. I do believe that GNC carriers RIVALUS. As a matter of fact I saw a boxer with a tub of PROMASIL. He was Canadian so that may explain it, lol.

Q: What’s your favorite RIVALUS Product?

A: COMPLX5 and PROMASIL are neck and neck. I am waiting to try HELIX-24 and ENPLUSE is not bad at all.

Q: What would you consider your specialty? Why?

A: I consider wrestling my specialty. I have wrestled my entire life and all through college and a bit international as well. I will always be a wrestler at heart and the lessons I have learned throughout my career will always stay with me.

Q: What motivates you to train everyday?

A: I have thoughts of being great and being a major champion some day. Also, I like to fight for my family and my heritage. Filipino’s have a warrior spirit and I always want to display that.

Q: How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

A: I usually get 9 to 10hrs of sleep a night during the week. If I am enjoying the company of a young lady then I get like 6hrs of sleep lol.

Q: What happens if you have to train the next day and you don’t get enough sleep?

A: I drag ass and the workout tends to be harder then it should be. Also I can’t focus at all. I have done that so I can attest that it sucks!

Q: Who will you be fighting next and where can we see you fight next?

A: I will be fighting in a tournament for Combat USA starting December 11th in Santa Maria, California. They will be running commercials and the fight will be aired on pay per view.

You can also follow Lew on twitter!

[Alicia Bell is an Elite Personal Trainer, NCCP Sprint Coach, and a Training Advisor for RIVALUS.]

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