Saturday, October 16, 2010

Snooki on South Park

On the latest edition of the cartoon South Park, Snooki was a character. The show made fun of her weight. After the airing now the company wants Snooki to be a part of their movement.

The company offered says that they are outraged that the show mocked Snooki's weight. Apparently they have offered her a sum of money and a free year's supply in exchange for a "glowing testimonial."

Isn't that them saying she is overweight and needs to go on a diet then?

Snooki did come out in a tabloid saying that she use to struggle with anorexia and is now happy with her weight. Is she a sell out if she takes the offer....and would you use the company if she endorsed it. It's not like she is choosing to do it, she would just be paid to.

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