Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing with Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is on the newest season of Dancing with the Stars. She is not of average weight. She wrote on her blog the other day about being on the show.This is what she had to say about her body:
“One thing I learned about myself on “Dancing with the Stars” is how startlingly insecure I am about my body. I am thin enough, I suppose, but I know I am not as healthy as I can be. I felt clumsy and awkward among the svelte, swanlike figures of Jennifer and Brandi and Audrina – I am not ‘in’ my body as they seem to be, and my dancing was heavily influenced by that.”
She goes on to talk about insecurities:
“What sucks is I danced beautifully in rehearsals whenever my wonderful partner Louis and I were alone, but this was completely frustrating because when we would get out on the ballroom floor I couldn’t replicate it because I felt so weird about the way I looked. This hit me as so strange because I thought I had left all these physical insecurities and self doubt behind, but what truly happened was I was just in denial about how much self hatred I had left in me.”
Margaret admits that she has learned a lot from the experience and how it will and has improved her life.
“I will be back in the audience next week to cheer on the stars and their pro dancers, feeling radiant and confident and happy, knowing I will dance again another day. And though it was hard, I have fond memories of dancing on that floor. Although it unearthed a world of pain I didn’t even know existed, there were moments where I have never felt so beautiful"
 This just shows us all that when you take that first leap to fitness there will be nothing more eye opening and can point you towards the path of health and fitness.

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