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Your Unltimate Leg Workout for Slim, Sexy, Toned Legs

Alicia Bell Elites Favorite Leg Workout

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Leg Day For the exercises that I have indicated with 0LBS at your digression after your warm up set, please add weight that is challenging enough that your last set of each rep is challenging. Allow 2-3 minutes as need for recovery. If you want to challenge yourself more, make the recovery active by doing an ab exercise of your choice.

Location: Gym

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Equipment Required: Barbell,Dumbbells, Bench, Med Ball

Set repetitions: Straight sets -  Perform all the sets of each exercise in the order provided 2-3 mins as needed between sets.

Leg Exercises

Barbell Squat3 Sets, 15 Reps, 0 lbs
Equipment: Barbell
Description: Grasp the bar with palms facing forward, positioning your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Position the bar behind your head along the top of your shoulders at the base of your neck. Position your feet shoulder-width apart. Start the downward phase by first shifting your hips backwards then downwards to create a hinge-like movement at your knees. As you lower your hips the knees will then start to shift forward slowly, but try to control the amount of forward movement of the shinbone. Continue to lower yourself until your thighs are near, or parallel with the floor, or until your heels begin to lift off the floor. While maintaining a straight trunk with a head-up position, exhale and extend the hips and knees by pushing your feet into the floor through your heels. The hips and torso need to rise together while keeping the heels flat on the floor and knees aligned over the second toe. Continue extending until you reach your starting position.
Barbell Lunge3 Sets, 15 Reps, 0 lbs
Equipment: Barbell
Description: Stand with your feet parallel and hip width apart. Place a barbell behind your head, resting it lightly along the top of your shoulders. Attempt to avoid shrugging your shoulder upwards. Stiffen your torso by contracting your core and abdominal muscles. Slowly step forward with the right leg, placing your foot firmly on the ground while keeping your torso upright. Begin your lunge movement by first lowering your body towards the floor, then allowing your body to move slight forward as you would while walking. Your torso and shinbone should now move slightly forward past vertical. Avoid any excessive forward movement and lower yourself towards the floor by bending the left knee so that your weight is going more downward than forward. Lunge to an end-point where you feel comfortable. Gradually progress the depth of your lunge to a point where your right thigh becomes parallel with the floor. Firmly push off with your right leg and return to your starting position.
Med Ball Bench Step Ups3 Sets, 15 Reps, 10 lbs
Description: Place one leg on the bench and step up, drive leg to 90 degrees to the medball. 3x each leg. 15 reps.
Deadlift3 Sets, 15 Reps, 0 lbs
Equipment: Dumbbells
Description: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Position your body with the spine neutral and shoulders depressed. Keep your chest held up and out, head in line with your spine or slightly raised, heels on the floor, and shoulders over or slightly in front of the bar. Lift the dumbbells by extending your hips and knees simultaneously to a full standing position. Raise the hips and shoulders together. Gently lower the bar back towards the floor by first shifting your hips backwards then downwards to create a hinge-like movement at your knees. Lower the hips and shoulders together and attempt to keep your back flat, shoulders retracted and depressed.
Calf Raises with dumbbells on shoulders3 Sets, 25 Reps, 0 lbs
Equipment: Dumbbells
Description: Stand on the edge of a step. Place a dumbbell on the top of each shoulder holding each in position with your hands. Lift both heels simultaneously as high as you can, hold and then lower just below the height of the step.
Elliptical Trainer20 minutes, High INCLINE 1 minute hard 1 minute easy on a challenging resistance! This works the gluets more!

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