Monday, September 6, 2010

Motivational 10 Things to Remember

10 Things To Remember
1. Tackle distractions right away.
3. Assess your satisfaction levels regularly.
4. Monitor your life balance periodically.
5. Be honest with where you’d like to make improvements.
6. Be specific when planning change.
7. Take action quickly.
8. Build up momentum with positive changes.
9. Align your conscious and unconscious minds
10. Visualize success regularly.
Another 10 Things To Remember
1. Your state of mind is entirely up to you
2. Spend time doing what makes you happy.
3. Plan fo what you want to happen.
4. Monitor what you think and do, and make changes if you want to achieve better results.
5. Learn something new everyday.
6. Try something new everyday.
7. Have fun experimenting with change.
8. Hone the abilities to your unconcious mind.
9. Be open minded and flexible.
10. Determine the personal benefits of everything you do and use these to motivate you to great results.

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