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Interview with Bodyboarder Jeremy Wright

Some of you may not be familiar with the sport of bodyboarding. I wasn't until I discovered a man by the name of Jeremy Wright. The sport is fast and requires a great deal of athletisism. Jeremy is is a devoted student, athlete, and an inspiration. He dedicates his whole life to the sport and has even ispired me to go give body boarding a try!

According to wikipedia bodyboarding is the fastest growing sport of ALL TIME.

"Bodyboarding is a kind of wave riding (sometimes called Boogieboarding). The average board consists of a small, rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam. The board can be shaped and adapted to different riding styles, and size of rider. Bodyboarding has been growing very rapidly over the last couple of decades and has now developed into one of the fastest growing sports of all time."

Q: Tell the people who don't know you a bit about yourself...

Im 22 years old, I love my family, Jesus, and bodyboarding. I go to school online at the University of Phoenix full time and do double the amount of units as a full time student, I work on the weekends for a dance company to help pay for school until I graduate in November and travel a lot for work and bodyboarding. I am a really focused and determined individual. I love learning and reading about top athletes because it keeps me motivated to see how much sacrifice some people put in to become the best and the rewards that come with it.

Q: Tell us about the sport of body boarding...

Bodyboarding is so fun! It is such a universal wave riding vehicle. You can ride prone, drop knee, stand up just whatever! It is awesome because you can ride it on any size of waves from 2ft to 20ft!! There’s nothing better than watching someone make a crazy ledgey drop coming out of the barrel and doig a HUGE air reverse! It will blow your mind for sure.

Q: How did you get started?

My best friend Kevin got me into it. He was having so much fun every time he got to go and would tell me all about about each wave he rode. He was already doing it for a few years and was pretty good. He showed me some bodyboarding magazines, invited me to go and I have been HOOKED on it ever since.

Q: Who has been your biggest influence?

In bodyboarding hands down the current U.S and WORLD CHAMPION Jeff Hubbard. He has been my favorite bodyboarder since I started and is still killing it to this day. The aerial manuvers that he pulls is mind boggeling and will leave everyone in aw. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, plus a good husband, and has a Master degree!

Q: Do you consider yourself a role model?

Ya and I try to be a positive influence on everyone I meet.

Q: What does health and fitness mean to you and do you consider it an important area of interest in your sport?

Health and fitness is definetley important and I consider it a lifestyle. It is a must if you want to become an elite athlete. Study or look at any of the past World Champions and all of them got where they were by taking the proper steps. Two of those steps is your health and also your fitness. To play in the big leagues you have to be at the top of your game and that takes hard work. You really have to want it. I believe in the product I use which is USANA great product!

Q: Your life motto is:

Keep the main thing the main thing and the main thing is Jesus.

Q: What's the most nutritious thing in my fridge right now is:

We eat a lot of organic food and my house and the fridge is loaded with lots of fruit’s and vegetables right now!

Q: The least nutritious thing is:

A cake my mom made!

Q: Your philosophy about chocolate is:

Its delicious! I have a sweet tooth and love my desserts. My sister in law makes the best chocolate cupcakes in the world with this amazing Australian chocolate frosting. I only get them for my birthday or if I win a contest. Since my birthday only comes once a year I try my best at the contest haha

Q: What is your best cure for stress is:

Getting in the ocean, bodyboarding and praying.

Q: Saturday Mornings you can be found:

Usually ALWAYS in the water but I started this weekend job with a dance company traveling to a new state each weekend putting on dance competitions. All the people are super cool and its fun. It is also pretty awesome to watch talented dancers because they put so much effort into perfecting there dancese for months. One thing I have learned and taken from this job is that nothing can beat PRACTICING. Oh and it is really helping with my school bills which im super stoked about!!

Q: Have you always been an active individual?

Ya for sure!!

Q: Do you have a trainer when you are at home?

Yes, Jason Yokobosky from JSY fitness (

Q: Do you have a trainer on the road?

No, but I e-mail Jason every other day on what I have been eating and what kind of workouts I have done to further my fitness. He usually will make some sort of workout plan and suggest meals to me, which is a big advantage and something I am really fortunate to have. I also try and stretch, this helps with preventing injuries.

Q: What is your workout routine like and how does your routine differ when you are at home vs on the road?

My workout when I am home is done in a gym and involves more resistance training with weights. Also interval training on the different types of cardio machines. The workouts are specifically designed to increase my strength and power and also build my cardiovascular system to help with my water activities. On the road I stick to my ab wheel, push ups, jump rope and stretching.

Q: What is the main reason you try and stay fit?

It is something I enjoy to do. I know that when I am eating right, feeling fit and putting in the hours of training it gives me confidence. Having confidence allows me to push my riding level in all types of conditons and also makes the desire to want to surf bigger and heavier waves more desireable and fun. Big waves are no joke, I have blacked out and have almost drowned a few times, your life is definetley on the line. I need to focus my riding more in the big stuff so I can get more comfortable while riding in it because that’s how you get noticed and also gain respect by your peers. It is really hard this year to push myself with such a hectic school and work schedule but it is only for a season and will be worth the sacrifice in the end.

Q: Do you eat healthy if so what is your diet like?

I am so blessed to have such amazing parents that are good at cooking and like to make healthy meals! I just demolish whatever they make! I also make this chocolate shake from USANA. It taste good and is good for you and really easy to make.

Q: you do it? What type? Love it or hate it?

Cardio is so fun to me. I really like to jump rope and bring that on the road with me everywhere. I also love riding my bike. I have a group of friends that make running enjoyable but also kick my butt. Running on the sand is also a really good workout and you get to be at the beach so automatically your going to be stoked! My dad was a good runner when he was younger but his knees aren’t like they use to so now days he makes the time to ride the bike while I run. It is a good time to catch up, hang out with him and workout.

Q: What is your favorite workout exercise and why?

Anything that will help make my core stronger because your core is so important. Working out with Jason from JSY fitness is also a blast!

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favorite athlete in my sport is Guilherme Tamega. He is my teammate for Wave Rebel bodyboards and a 6x world champion and 6x vice champion. He is just a machine, super fit, confidant and just a nut case! Outside of bodyboarding there are seriously so many people because I read so much about athletes. The top five that stand out the most to me would be Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tim Teabow Ryan Hall and George St Pierre. Each of these individuals work so hard its crazy!

Q: Did you play any sports growing up?

Pretty much everything but I liked soccer. Now days I play a lot of Tennis! My brother is good and usually woops me I also got golf clubs for my birthday last year so I try and play whenever I can. I live right by a golf course and practice my putting all the time. It helps my focus and I try and put that same focus into my bodyboarding.

Q: What sport are you the worst at?

My friend Greg Lilly kills it at raquetball and usually makes me look like im horrible! I will beat him one day though!

Q: If you had the opportunity weren't a body boarder what would you be?

I wouldn’t want to be anything else, I LOVE bodyboarding! Those guys Shaun White and Travis Pastrana make everything they do look like so much fun and they get paid a lot of money to do it so probably something like that would be epic!

Q: In your opinion who is the hottest and most fittest celebrity female?

Eunate Aguirre from Spain is the hottest bodyboard chick to me for sure! I had no idea who the hottest fittest celebrity would be so I asked my trainer and he said, “It is a toss up, I like Megan Fox and Hayden Penitterie. As far as fittest goes, Jessica Beil seems to be in great shape and also Kelly Rippa is pretty shredded.” After I got to do my own research on Alica Bell and checked out her YouTube page I would have to say she is my pick!

Q: Any words of advice for people wanting to get into your sport?

Just Do it!

Q: Do you have any funny workout stories to share?

I was skating at night trying to show off in front of these super hotties in San Clemente and bombed a mini hill and wounded up getting speed wabbles and wiping out! It sucked soo bad! Somehow the one of the girls thought it was cool and we hung out after so I guesss it was worth it haha I felt like Joe Grodzen in Scotty Carters bodyboard video Enough Said but I didn’t get nearly as worked as him.

Q: What is your most embarrassing body boarding moment?

When I first started out I never owned or even put on a wetsuit before and I put it on backwards! My friend Mike Miley didn’t tell me because he thought it was funny. When I got in the water everyone was cracking up! People still remind me of it to this day haha

Q: In five years, you hope to be:

Making money doing something I love and enjoy. Something that is so fun it doesn’t feel like work. I want to be successful in my sport and do big things for sure. Still traveling and just enjoying life and hanging with my amazing family.

Q:Any last shout outs:

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support. Wave Rebel, V-Duck, RXYM, Body Glove, Kreed, Zinka, USANA and Alternative Surf: Thanks again!

Good luck Jeremy and I wish you nothing but the best!

Jeremy can be found:

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