Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Research Fact

According to the (Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport 12(4): 480-484, 2009), When competitive runners ran to failure at about 105% of their max, there was no significant difference between time to exhaustion if they were cold or if they warmed up. Warm up being running, jogging or doing strides. The only thing that was different if they warmed up were some metabolic factors.


There has been a long withstanding debate on warm up verses non warm up. What do you think, and why???

I am a firm believer of a dynamic warm up. This is why:

In a study using 222 athletes from a Research Center of Sports Medicine in Finland called Tampere they tested to find out the difference between a dynamic warm up and a traditional warm up. They had the dynamic warm up group perform running drills, balance exercises and jumping 1-3x a week. After 6 months, the athletes in this group improved in their balance and lateral jumping than compared to the traditional warm up group.  The study also suggests that the results can lead to dynamic warm up group to have less implications and injures in the future. (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2009.)

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