Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview with Ultimate fighter Lew Polley

Recently I recieved the opportunity to ask Lew Polley some questions via email. I was really excited that he agreed!

Lew Polley is an Ultimate fighter. I really enjoyed this interview. Particularly because you see just how hard he works to achieve what he wants. He is the perfect description of an athlete. He is goal oriented, focused, driven, hard working, eats well and likes to have fun. He is a very down to earth and intelligent man. I hope that you enjoy this interview with him as much as I did. 

Q: Tell the people who don't know you a bit about yourself...

A: Well, Im a multi racial guy who likes long walks on the beach, puppies and art.  Haha, Really I am an eclectic guy who really diverges from the norms of a Mixed Martial Artist. I just like to be open and see life through my own lenses.

Q: Tell us about the sport that you're in and why it is so tough... 

A: I am a professional Mixed Martial Artist. It is so tough because you are basically combining aspects of so many Arts and disciplines on top of doing your cross training. Running, lifting, circuit training, wrestling, bjj, muy thai and boxing. Busy days to say the least. haha

Q: How did you get started?  

A: I was a college Wrestler and learned Judo and Sambo. I watched guys that I trained with become successful and I thought I could be as successful or more so. I had an urge to still compete after college so I looked towards MMA.

Q: Who has been your biggest influence?

A: My Mother and Father are the earliest examples I have of living a fruitful life. My mother is from the Philippines and lived a hard life. My Father also had a very tough and hard life. They persevered to become wonderful people and great parents.

Q: Do you consider yourself a role model? 

A: Yes, very much so. I am in a position of influence and need to be a positive symbol for those who get to see me.

Q: What does health and fitness mean to you and do you consider it an important area of interest in your sport?  

A: I consider it extremely important. Nutrition dictates your mood, energy, outlook on life and so many other aspects of living life. The better you treat yourself and your body the better and longer your life can be. As far as training goes, you want the best fuel possible in your body to compete at the highest level possible. Proper nutrition, rest/recovery and hard work seem to be a great combo. 

Q: Your life motto is:

A: If you dig it do it, don't waste the moment (I'm a hippie at heart)

Q: What's the most nutritious thing in my fridge right now is:

A: wheat grass and spinach Organic juice

Q: The least nutritious thing is:

A: soft baked brownies

Q: Your philosophy about chocolate is: 

A:The sweeter the better! It goes on almost EVERYTHING! (everything)

Q: What is your best cure for stress is:

A: Changing my routine to mix in a get away or time with friends and family. I try to visualize my life without the people I love in it and then I realize things are not that bad.

Q: Saturday Mornings  you can be found:

A: Eating something bad and watching sports or something funny. Im a bum on the weekend and I enjoy my cheat day.

Q: Have you always been an active individual?  

A: Yes, every sense I could remember I was playing football, wrestling and just being an avid outdoors-men.

Q: Do you have a trainer or a coach? If so who?  

A: Yes I do, Eric Del Fierro, Adrian Melendrez and Billy Scheibe. These are the coaches for Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, the place I call home.

Q:  What is your workout routine like and how does your routine differ when you are at home vs on the road? 

A: It is 2 or 3 workouts 5 days a week and 1 or 2 workouts on Saturday depending on if I have a fight or not. It goes striking or grappling in the day and the opposite in the evening with strength and conditioning mid day or sprints. On the road I just eat clean.

Q: Do you eat healthy if so what is your diet like? 

A: When I have events I eat as clean as possible. I weigh and measure my meals.

Meal 1 oats, fruit, flax and protein powder
Meal 2 protein shake post workout
Meal 3 brown rice with vegetables and chicken breast
Meal 4 protein shake post workout with rice cakes
Meal 5 same as meal 3
Meal 6 greens with chicken breast or turkey

Q: Cardio...do you do it? What type? Love it or hate it? 

A:I do cardio! I have to workout like a tri athlete to maintain chubby. I do 3-6 mile runs, different types of sprints and hill runs. I also do a conditioning circuit that is brutal. I dont mind it so much but love is not even close to what I was thinking. haha

Q: How would you describe your fighting style?

A: My style is very dynamic and controlling. Never boring thats for sure.

Q: What is your favorite workout exercise and why?

A: Box Jumps/weighted squat jumps or any plyometrics or olympic lifts because I like being strong yet explosive. These exercises add functional strength and explosive power.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why? 

A:Wow! I have a ton but all for the same reason. They were tough, hard nosed, hard working blue collar guys who lived to compete. Dan Gable, Alexander Karelin,Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, Mohammed Ali, Masato Kobayashi, Rob Kaman and Ramon Dekkers 

Q: Did you play any sports growing up? 

A; Yep, sure did. I wrestled, played football, soccer, track and baseball

Q: What sport are you the worst at? 

A: haha, it has to be basketball with out a doubt! Im god awful at basketball! I know I am supposed to be genetically predisposed to being good at basketball, lol.

Q: If you had the weren't a fighter what would you be? 

A: I would want to be Jim Morrison. A poet bohemian that indulged on the essence of life's counter culture.  

Q: Do you have any funny workout stories to share? 

A:In college I had to run 3 miles in the Pennsylvania winter wearing only a fury jockstrap and beanie. I had lost a bet and I paid up. lol the women in the dorms got a great view of the moon that day!

Q: In your opinion who is the hottest and most fittest celebrity female? 

A; tough one so many hot ones. Alicia Keys,Thandie Newton and Kim Kardashian (these are the hottest but they are fit for normal people)

Q: Any words of advice for people wanting to get into your sport?

A: Make sure it is something you are passionate about and not a phase. This sport is unforgiving and unrelenting.

Q: In five years, you hope to be:

A: UFC Champ, Married with the American dream staring me in the face!!!!!!

I wish him all the best!

You can follow Lew on twitter http://www.twitter.com/lewpolley


  1. I have seen Lew train. He is committed to excellence. He eats clean and trains hard. A true role model.

  2. Woow if u don't know lew this interview defenitely explains him! I chuckled a few times! He is a great guy with a huge heart for what he loves in life. Full of encouragement and success.