Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interview with Rapper Jbar of SODMG

I recent had the opportunity to ask JBAR of SODMG some questions about his fitness. For those of you who don't know who he is...

JBAR is a member of the SODMG. That means he is affiliated with the world famous Soulja Boy. Jbar is also Soulja Boy's first signed artist. You can find him featured on many tracks. His new single DAZE can be found on ITUNES right now.

You can also find some more of his music and information on his MYSPACE. He can  be found on twitter at

Q: Do you try to work out when you are on tour and traveling, what is your routine like?

A: I jus hit push up and dung-bells  

(When I read this I kind of asked myself what a dung-bell is...Jbar lifting cow poop? hmmm)

Q: Do you have a trainer on the road?

A: Nope 

(I think he should....such as meeeeee!)

Photo by KEKphotography
Q: Do you ever work out with any of the other guys on tour like Soulja Boy?

A: Yupp 

Q: If so what do you do with him/them?

A: We'll hit the gym at the crib or at the hotels we stay in.

(Hmmm I wonder what kind of workouts they do...are they using the DUNG-BELLS??)

Q: Do you have a trainer at home in Atlanta?

A: Nope 

Q: How does your routine differ when you are at home vs on tour?

A: I get more off track when im on the road cus we be on stage so long its like a work out.

Q: What is the main reason you try and stay fit?

A: To stay healthy and for my appearance. 

Q: Do you eat healthy if so what is your diet like?

A: lol no lol. HELP!!!


Q: What is your favorite exercise and why?

A: Push-ups. Only because i  can do them anywhere at anytime.

(THIS IS TRUE! You don't need to have any equipment...drop and give me 50!)

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

A: Kobe. Watch his highlights and you'll see why. 
 Q: Did you play any sports growing up?

A: Yupp. I played recreational basketball  

Q: If you had the opportunity to be a professional athlete and not a music artist what sport would you do and why?

A: I would choose to play basketball or baseball. I choose those sports because i played them as a child. 

Q: In your opinion who is the hottest and most fittest female in the game?

A: Alicia Bell of course!!! But in the the music game i would have to say Nicki Minaj.  

(OK I am blushing! Thanks JBAR! I am also flattered to be in the same sentence as Nicki Minaj...I may have a unlesbian girl crush on her!)
Q: Do you have any funny workout stories?

A: Lol nopeeee.

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