Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview with Celebrity DJ Ill Will

I recently had a sit down with one of the most popular DJ's in the game....Your wifeys favorite DJ...DJ ILL WILL. 

Q: Being one of the busiest DJ's in the game how do you have time to fit in training?

Well sometimes it gets difficult because this business is so RIGHT NOW all the time....like if i dont do something right now i might miss out on it and the next dj gets it so i find that to be the biggest challenge really....being mentally prepared to go to the gym or on a run at 2pm then something comes up....chances are i might not exercise that day anymore. i just got a new place on the beach so i am really looking forward to moving in i know that will be a major lifestyle change for me activity wise because i can step out the door and be able to run on the beach without wasting any time or having to drive anywhere.

Q: Do you have a trainer? Or have you ever had a trainer?  

No i dont have a trainer at the moment but i actually played division 1 baseball in college with full time strength and conditioning coaches so i learned alot about my body and the best ways to get the optimal performance levels out of it and try to apply the things i learned on a consistent basis,

Q: Do you ever work out with any of the other guys you work with like Bow Wow or Ya Boy?

haha nah i honestly prefer to work out alone....not to seem anti-social but i use alot of the time at the gym or while i am jogging to listen to new artist music or to study my projects and ultimately catch up on 30 minutes to an hr of music i might not have had a chance to get to.

Q: What are your workout routines like and how do they differ when you are at home vs on the road?  

My workout routines usually consist of 3-4 days of lifting per week and i try to do at least 4 days of cardio a week as well.  i usually go through cycles though where i want to bulk up (during the summer) and i lift more but then i get tired of being big and focus primarily on cardio with no weights.  thats where i am at currently...i need to shave off 10-15lbs of winter weight before i even think of touching a weight. (laughs) when i am on the road i tend to just stick to cardio but it definitely becomes less common for me to exercise when i am on the road.

Q: What is the main reason you try and stay fit?  

Well for one it is good for my business...in entertainment i think your appearance is half the battle in succeeding in this game so that is the main motivation sadly.  secondly, i am still young and very single so i like to think that i am still somewhat of an athlete if i can stay active and still resemble one (laughs) and it never hurts your dating options when you are in good shape. it would be lame to call yourself "your wifey's favorite dj" and be 30 lbs overweight right? (laughs)

Q: Do you eat healthy if so what is your diet like?

I try to eat healthy for the most part but because of my business i am forced to eat on the go alot which sometimes can create bad habits as far as the type of foods i eat.  but usually several times a year i will go through a cleanse and swear off fast food and stick to chicken breast, fish and fruits/veggies until i feel back to normal. but honestly i love junk food so i can never be too too strict on myself...i am 6'3 230lbs and i know i was built to be a bigger guy so even if i eat really super healthy and exercise like crazy i always end up back around the 225-230 mark.

Q: What is your favorite exercise and why?  

For some reason i enjoy working my biceps and triceps the most...must be an ego thing (laughs)

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?  

LeBron....he might be the best athlete of our generation (sorry Kobe stans).

Q: Did you play any sports growing up?  

Yeah, like i said i played Baseball all the way til College level....i also played football in high school but i was like a stick back then 6'2 160 so i wasnt very effective. (laughs)

Q: If you had the opportunity to be a professional athlete and not a dj what sport would you do and why?  

Definitely baseball...i have been to numerous invite only major league baseball tryouts...i really believed for the longest i was going to be a pro baseball player from the bottom of my heart. for my whole life until college i always had the strongest arm on any team i played for...i have been clocked at as high as 91mph...as a pitcher that is definitely on the professional level but unfortunately an arm injury put all that to a grinding halt.

Q: In your opinion who is the hottest and most fittest female in the game?

I always thought professional softball player Jenny Finch was kinda hot...but as far as fit is concerned? hmmmm i would say any gymnast on the professional level has to be crazy fit but honestly i dont know any of their names to pick a certain individual.

Q: Do you have any funny workout stories?  

Uhh it might be funny to you guys but it wasnt funny to me....i got a sports related hernia when i was 21....so big tip....weight belts are cool - well cooler than surgery and sitting out for a couple months! *cough* (laughs)

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