Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview with Actor/Rapper Page Kennedy

Q: Can you give me a background on who you are and what you do exactly?

Well my name is Page Kennedy AKA U Turn from the showtime show Weeds and Caleb from Desperate Housewives. I am an actor/Rapper.

Q: What is the main reason you try and stay fit?

UH cause I like woman and they like Hot guys. lol. and I wanna not throw up when I watch myself on TV with my shirt off. Shallow reasons yet true

Q: Being a busy Actor in Hollywood, how do you have time to fit in training?

Well i get it in when I can i do a lot of cardio ( in the bedroom) so that i wont get bored on a treadmill. naked wrestling great to get heart rate and sweat going. JK. I do a lot of push ups and chin ups in my apt through out the day or on set.

Q: Do you have a trainer? Or have you ever had a trainer?

I have never had a trainer. I just recently lost 50 lbs. and I called it the PK diet Page Kennedy . I only consumed 1200 calories a day and took out sugar and most breads out my diet. And the fact that i only do cardio and push ups didnt need a trainer. never had one. I pay myself to yell at myself.

Q: Do you ever work out with any other actors or people in the game?

No I typically do everything alone. Only thing I like to do with other actors or what ever is learn my lines with them.

Q: Do you ever get compliments from other celebrities about your body? If so who and what did they say?

Well like I said i went from being over weight to getting my LL on, lol. So EVERYONE is saying that I look great. And I'm around a lot of celebs every sun cause of basketball.That's  a good feeling to not only hear it from girls but to have the fellas say "yo man that's a good look on you proud of you"

Q: What are your workout routines like and how do they differ when you are at home vs on set or traveling?

I workout at home mon and wed. I go play basketball Tues Thur and Sun. I take Sat off. I do no less than 100 push ups EVERYDAY though

Q: Do you eat healthy if so what is your diet like?

Well I am no longer on my diet but I try and eat healthy during the week so i can have fun on weekends.

Q: What is your favorite exercise and why?

SEX duh do I need to explain Y? lol

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

KOBE Bryant cause he is the closest thing to MJ that we will ever see. His determination to win is contagious.

Q: Did you play any sports growing up?

I played Football in high school and college. I played baseball in High school and college . I played basketball recreational and that's the only sport I still play.

Q: If you had the opportunity to be a professional athlete and not an actor what sport would you do and why?
Probably football cause that's the only one I could realistically succeed in a pro level at.

Q: In your opinion who is the hottest and most fittest female in the game?

I like Megan Foxx and Beyonce

Q: Do you have any funny workout stories?

The only one I can  think of is straining to do one more chin up for my friends and started shaking like Raiden from mortal Kombat shocked me.

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