Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest Blogger Nathan Ware

I have been working with KettleBells for a while but off of my own knowledge. I decided that I should up my game. Two things I have recently done are1: Looking into a KettleBell Certification (WHICH IS REALLY HARD IN CANADA) and 2: I asked an expert that I know very well who has a passion for them. He wrote me the following and I want to share it with you:


Kettle bells are by nature a competitive sport that was established in Russia. Since the unique shape of the kettle bell has been adopted for dynamic movements in fitness. Here are some beginner to intermediate exercises you can use to up your game. Kettle bells require synergistic movement from the entire body. The hips and core is the prime generator of movement.
                One should never count reps while executing kettle bell reps but rather measure in time. Challenge yourself...try each exercise for 30s on 1:00min off then as you become more efficient increase work time and do your best to decrease rest time.  Ex: 2:00min on 1:00min off. Try cycling through all 7 exercises 2-3 times.  Use explosive breathing and hip extension throughout your workout. Good luck ;)

1)      Kettle bell around the body

2)      Kettle bell swing

3)      Cleans

4)      Clean and press

5)      Lunge Chop

6)      Kettle bell Towel/band Curls

7)      Kettle bell single leg dead lift

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