Saturday, February 20, 2010

UFC Fighters food favorites and Suggestions

Minotauro Nogueria
"Japanese food. It's the best - it's healthy, it's light, and I love Japan."

 Cain VelasquezCain Velasquez
"Anything Mexican: tacos from 8th street in Yuma AZ, BBQ sandwiches, machaca burritos. When we have people over we normally make carne asada, chicken tacos, guacamole, salsa and our famous Brown Pride sangria that knocks everyone on their asses."

Wanderlei Silva
"Japanese food for sure. My specialty is a big piece of salmon that I pick up from the supermarket here. Man, it's great and it's great for my diet too. I love Japanese food."

Michael Bisping
"Meatball or chicken Subway followed by cookies."

Joe Stevenson
"I love fruit snacks because of my kids, but for a party, Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza!"

George Sotiropoulos
"Pizza, nachos covered in melted cheese with chunks of beef and chicken, steak and lobster, sushi. An oven-baked Turducken with baked vegetables and potatoes, covered in gravy. Right now anything sounds good because I have been dieting for months."

Ryan Bader
"You have to have variety at a party, I like to taste everything; so some pizza, burgers with some Lipton soup mix mixed in, wings with ranch, an assortment of dips and you have a party. Have a couple good beers around, my favorites are Blue Moon and Hefeweizen. After a couple of those ill just move onto some Bud Light."

Elvis Sinosic
"I think to get into the spirit of the event in Australia, it has to be a barbie. Or if you are living somewhere cold, get a sandwhich with BBQ sauce."

Chris Haseman
"Nothing beats a big Aussie barbie for a UFC party down under. Plenty of fresh reef seafood and BIG Australian steak slapped on the BBQ and cooked to perfection! Most important thing on the menu...plenty of good mates to share an icy cold beer to wash it down."

Brian Foster
"My favorite party food is hot wings; my favorite cocktails are Oklahoma Eyeopeners -- vodka and Red Bull -- and berrybombs."


I found this on the UFC website. I love the food that some of these "elite athletes" eat. Some are good times, some are unhealthy and some are just plain entertaining.


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