Friday, February 5, 2010

Track and Field Clinic

Gerard Mach will hold a clinic for sprint coaches and their athletes on Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21 at the Dôme at Louis-Riel High School in Ottawa. Ken Porter will assist Gerard. Two 3-hour sessions will be held - the first on Saturday afternoon, the second on Sunday morning.

The training system used by most coaches in Canada was developed by Canada's former Head Coach, Gerard Mach. Gerard is widely acknowledged as one of the world's greatest ever sprint, hurdle and relay coaches. He continues to refine the coaching system he first developed in his native Poland in the '50s.

As always, Gerard's focus will be on coaches and their athletes. Coaches are encouraged to bring their best youth and junior athletes who will participate in the on-track portions of the sessions. This will give coaches an opportunity for direct and immediate comment from Gerard on technique and training methods.

The programme is being organised by the Ottawa Lions and is supported by Athletics Canada.

For further information and registration please contact Joe Burke at or at (613) 862-6145.

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