Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plastic Surgery

Some people may criticize me for this, but I believe that Heidi Montag looks great. She may have had a lot of procedures recently but she is also training very hard to keep the look that she wants. I have a lot of respect for people who are dedicated and train hard for the body that they want.

Recently Heidi Montag has been making some headlines. She underwent a ton of surgeries. The only real concerning thing is that she is in her early 20s. Were these surgeries necessary? I don't think so, however I believe that she looks amazing despite some people saying that she looks like a plastic barbie doll. I think she looks beautiful, confident and more in shape than she has ever been. Mainly because I know that she has been working out and doing Yoga more than she ever has in her life on top of having all of these procedures. Some people are saying that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

I have always said that if you don't like something change it. This is exactly what Heidi has been doing. However people are not recognizing that she is changing both her inner as well as her outer beauty. Is it all for publicity? Who knows. I don't think that "Speidi" needed any more publicity than they were getting but if this is true they definitely played their cards right.

My message to Heidi: Keep training hard and focus on changing inside as well as outside if that is what you desire. Nothing is more rewarding than good hard work. Keep training and you won't need to have any more surgeries.

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