Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Olympics Continue....Drugs? Pride?

Robson Square Vancouver Olympic 2010 (View fr my balcony)

I still look out my window and see crazy Canadian fans sporting red and white with their red mittens. The spirit of the games is still going strong into the 2nd week. Men, Women and Children all singing "O Canada" in the streets. Cries of "GO CANADA GO" can be heard all though out the venues and downtown areas. But will this last into the future or is this still a fad for these games? Will the Pride fade?

Randy Starkman said it best yesterday in his blog, " But it does lead one to wonder if there can be a spillover effect in any way for Canadian Olympic sport. Will many – or any – of those so fervently into it at the moment retain any of that interest once the circus has left town? Will they bring their kids out to events featuring Canadian Olympians in the future such as national championships, World Cups and many other competitions?"

"I suspect, unfortunately, that nothing will change, that these athletes will go back into what's almost a witness protection program, where the public doesn't see them for another four years.
And that's a shame, because a great opportunity is really being lost here. These athletes are really fine role models. Most are involved in causes that go beyond themselves."

I couldn't agree with Randy more.

The one thing that I can't really comprehend yet is this. We are over halfway thru the games and not one positive doping test has occurred.  Does this mean that IOC and antidoping can screem in triumph that their new tests and implementations have been successful. Can we say that the games are clean? Or is it because the 30 positive tests before the games caught all of the doping athletes? Don't forget that there are a lot of synthetic drugs that there is no test for. That means that even though there have yet to be any positive tests there still could be athletes that test negative that are using. Don't forget that there is a substantial amount of historical evidence of athletes who have admitted to doping without ever being caught. Dont forget all of the negative tests Marion Jones had for years when in fact she was cheating. Also there are some national federations that cover up positive tests to keep the credibility of their athletes and their nation. And one should never forget that there is  now a test for human growth hormone, and no one knows if it will be used on the samples from Vancouver.That means we just might see some positive tests.

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