Monday, February 22, 2010

Brian Mckeever An Inspirational Story

I was watching the Olympics this morning and a VISA commercial caught my eye. So I decided to do a bit of research.

Brian in the past has won seven medals at the Paralympics that were heald in Salt Lake City and Turin.

Olympian Brian Mckeever has less than 10% vision, but he has done more in sport than most of us could ever dream about. McKeever has about 10 per cent vision, all of it peripheral, due to Stargardt’s disease, an inherited form of macular degeneration.

Brian is a legally blind cross country skier from Canmore, Alberta, Canada. He is 30 years old and, was one of six men and five women named to the Canadian Olympic for Vancouver 2010. This made him him the first athlete to EVER compete in both the Winter Games and the Paralympics. He’ll also be the first Canadian – winter or summer to do so in the same year.

Brian qualified by racing int he cross country ski 50m, he did this by winning the Canadian trials. To do this he beat out a huge field of able body athletes with full vision.

This is truly amazing and inspirational. GO BRIAN GO!

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