Monday, February 22, 2010

Answer to An Email Question

Alicia I used to work out 4 to 5 days a week but the past year and a half a complete drop off. I need advice on starting back up, where to I start?

I believe the best way to start is to find a family member or friend that is interested in working out as well. It always motivates me to train with someone. Also when you have a training partner you're less likely to skip out because you dont want to let the other person down by flaking.

I also think it is important to do activities that you like. You need to look forward to working out and training rather than dread it. If you hate the gym then find some teams to join, or go outdoors and walk or run. Try a class or two, maybe thats what you enjoy rather than going to the gym and doing a traditional workout.

Remember not to do too much too fast. That is how injuries occur. Especially if you haven't been working out for quite some time. Every little bit counts. So don't get discouraged if you can't train for a full hour. Try a little bit at a time and gradually icrease your activity time.

Make sure to always stay hydrated too. Its important. So try and bring a bottle of water with you to the gym.

Also try and make a schedule. You will be more likely to stick to your routine if you schedule in a workout every day or every other day around the same time. You're less likely to break a scheduled appointment!

Good Luck!

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