Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Legalization of Pot (In CALIFORNIA)

Hey to all of you stoners out there! I have some good news for you...well good news if you are living in California.

Marijuana advocates are expected to get as many as three pot-legalization measures voted upon in California in 2010 in the US state of California. Several polls show support for lifting the law against marijuana. 

Obviously some government officials and the federal government are not too happy about this. There will definitely be a lot of uproar.

The most likely ballot measure to pass is also the most conservative. It would legalize one ounce of marijuana for personal use by those 21 or older. In California, if you are busted with that amount in present day, it would result in a $100 fine at most.

Although, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that federal law enforcement officials have the right to prosecute users that comply with California's medical marijuana law.

"Even though that federal ban is still in place and the federal government can enforce it, it doesn't mean the states have to follow suit," said Robert Mikos, a Vanderbilt University law professor who is well versed in the issue.

And since local and state police will not be able to legally assist the feds, who's to say they'll have time to seek out small-time users.

"It's only something the feds are going to be concerned about if you're growing tons of pot," said Rosalie Pacula, director of drug policy research at the Rand Corp. For anything less, "they don't have the resources to waste on it."

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