Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Critisism, Sexiness and Photos

In 2008, MSN named PERSONAL TRAINING one of its top 10 SEXY CARREERS.  It came in at number 7. They say that

"Personal trainers are in better shape than any of us will ever be, and that alone is sexy. What's more attractive is their determination to help their clients reach a goal. Whether you're excited or terrified when you hire a trainer, you'll be ready to keep the spare tire after a few weeks. Trainers are there to help you ignore that burning pain in your abs and the sweat stinging your eyes. Sure, you want to punch them when they call you a quitter, but their tough love helps you take that long, sweaty journey to fitness."

It has recently been brought to my attention that an email in the Vancouer area is circulating about some recent photos and videos that I have done. The photos and video were created in unison with one of my best friends and very talented photographer Katherine Kerr of KEK Photography . The Video was also entered in a subsission for a bikinigirl contest for the group LMFAO .

Apparently according to my source a certain female interested in training with me visited my site, blog, myspace, facebook, youtube or modeling site where the videos can be found and decided it was "UNPROFESSIONAL." Everyone is entitled to there opinion, but to create an email that says "OH MY GOD, Don't train with this person because she is in a video with music and a bikini." Is kind of ridiculous to me.

Personal trainers model in videos, websites and magazines in there underwear, workout wear, swim wear even less all over the world everyday. If a personal trainer is proud of her body why wouldn't she want it seen? It is advertising. People want curves these days, I have curves. I am proud to show what I have got.

Some of the top personal trainers can be found modeling in glamour shots all over their own websites and in videos.


This is her most recent twitter photo. She is well known personal trainer in the LA area, she has trained many celebrities including the girls of playboy and the reality show The Girls Next Door. They even created their own workout dvds here, and they are sex symbols for a mens magazine PLAYBOY.

She has also trained countless actors. She is doing very well for herself.  Here is one particular video that is entitled SEXY WORKOUT VIDEO by Mandy. You can find other videos of her in about the same outfit that can be found in my video on her website or on Youtube if you type in her name.

What about Jillian Michaels? Im sure you have all seen the biggest loser.

Jillian has posed for FHM (A mens magazine).  MILLIONS OF PPL want a spot to train with her on the BIGGEST LOSER every season. Tons of people buy her books, read her articles and listen to her appearances on radio.

I am also positive we all remember the sexy Jennifer Lopez workout music video?
Kim Kardashian had a SEX TAPE (my video is far from a sex tape) and that got her famous, now she has a whole fitness line out, models in bikinis, promotes QUICK TRIM SUPPLEMENTS (THE ADDS SHOW THEM RUNNING AROUND IN BATHING SUITS) and has her own set of fitness DVDs that she stars in and is out for sale.

Heidi Montag posed for PLAYBOY (a magazine full of nude women for men to look at) and has done countless swimsit modeling and music videos. She also has her own workouts for sale on the internet.

Type in SEXY PERSONAL TRAINER into Google and you get this:

Example 2 <- Madonnas former personal trainer

Not to mention I also do glamour modeling and I am not hiding this.  On the bottom of all my emails reads:


Elite Personal Trainer
Fitness Model
BSc in Kinesiology
CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
NCCP Level 3 Sprint & Hurdle Coach
Phone: (604)-842-1884

THIS is what I do, this is me...I am not hiding anything and anyone who trains with me knows all about me and the things that I do.

Last time I checked I have amazing clients who train with me because of my education and experience.

The Following is a testimonial from one of my clients!

"I have been training with Alicia for over a year now. I love the workout sessions as Alicia really knows how to keep me motivated and on track to achieving my goals. She is very experienced in the industry and comes with a wealth of knowledge in helping you to shape your body and improve your overall health. Alicia is a great instructor and demonstrates each exercise to me and explains the right way to perform the moves to ensure that each routine is executed safely, yet still achieving maximum results. Alicia is flexible in rearranging our training days to always makes time to adjust to my very busy schedule to ensure that I am still able to train my desired times/days per week. In addition, Alicia makes the routines fun and challenging at the same time. Somedays we workout in a gym, other days the workouts are outdoors to take advantage of the sunny weather. I love the change in scenery and exploring new, creative ways to workout.

The best part about our workouts is seeing my results. I have really noticed a change in my body and the new strength of my muscles. I am now more toned, stronger and have better endurance because of our training sessions.

Thanks Alicia for your continuous support in driving me to achieve my goals and improve my overall health. My body loves you for it!

Marian J"
On top of all of this there are way worse videos of glamour models on video on youtube than what I have done. Check out popular vixen Suelyn here on her website and her video of a shower in a bikini below:

My video can be found below and if anyone does not want to train with me in Vancouver because of it they are a hypocrite. So to that girl who started the email...I can guarantee that she has tuned in to The Biggest Loser, The Hills, keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Girls Next Door or all of them and have supported people who are doing the exact same thing as I am.

SEX SELLS. To both men and women. That is a proven fact.

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  1. loved your video. do you also give massage? or only personal train?