Friday, October 2, 2009

Conte Called It

Yes People i am still blogging about the steroids and scandals. With Rio crowed the host city of the 2016 Olympics I cant think of a better day to discuss it.

Victor Conte can be quote in this article about records, and that when they "begin falling like rain, questions arise".

Conte states that he warned WADA and Dick Pound about the supplier and what was going on in Jamaica but the article reports that Pound stepped down as the Chairman of WADA just two weeks after Conte met with him to discuss the Jamican issue.

Read more HERE.

What about the Jamaican sprinters? Is drug testing in Jamaica a joke?  Conte states that "I have no knowledge that these individuals were involved in wrongdoing. All I know is that they and other athletes come from regions where minimal off-season testing is administered."

I am going to try and research Jamaica's drug testing and and doping agency.

In the article they discuss how "there was no routine off-season testing from October to January, when cheating athletes use steroids in combination with intensive weight training. Testing at major competitions and between grand prix meetings was ineffective." I myself have always wondered about this because when I was running there was so much of my training that I look back on that I could have been using drugs and never would have got caught or even tested. I also wonder what about someone who isn't registered to compete but is training and using steroids, then completes their cycle and enters the world stage as an unknown underdog and becomes a house hold name? No one would ever know they were using before the began competing.

Another Interesting Article where CONTE warns about Jamaican athletes using.

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