Friday, October 23, 2009


I read this today on and I want to share it with you. I have learned the most from these people (in no particular order): Hugh, Glenroy Gilbert, Charlies Scarrow, Doug Mitchell, Steve Morley and a bit from Peter Lord and Dan Hennigar...I have learned more about coaching from these people than any text book could ever teach me.

The passage that I want to make note of is " If I were starting out again the first thing I would do would be seek out someone with gray hair who had traveled the path before, had made mistakes and learned from them. This approach is much more productive than the mutual masturbation that passes for information exchange on many of the discussion groups and web sites today. Bottom line is, read a book, find a mentor and coach; there is no substitute for getting your hands dirty and practicing."

Makes me think of what my next move really should be. I want nothing more than to shadow a world leader in coaching in track and field. Who should I approach to follow/shadow and perhaps help? Any of you have any suggestions. I have about a week before my next major life decision. Insights are much appreciated.

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