Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia

What I have learned about the city of Vancouver, what I like, and why I really don't like it here.
In no particular order
- The average 2, 200 foot apt in downtown is $1,262,000
- The city is gorgeous but it is in is aweful to live in
- No one is actually from Vancouver
- 90% of the fun I have had here have been with ppl fromt he East Coast
- Most of the fun has been when ppl are visiting
- Katherine Kerr makes the city livable for me and keeps me sane
- The weather isnt as bad out here as ppl out East make it seem
- That ppl who come and live on my couch never last
- That I dislike ppl who pretend to be something that they are not
- If you love the outdoors you will enjoy Vancouver because there are 101 things to do outdoors
- I love the Acquarium (DOOOLFINS) lol
- In order to get a good job int he city it isnt about your education or experience it is about the ppl that you know
- Most of my close friends int his city are DJs
- It is expensive as hell to live here...not just rent but food too
- People here are selfish
- People here are rude
- Steve Nash gym and the people who work there are morons <- good gym though :) minus its like $100 a month
- I now love all kinds of Sushi
- I have become semi-addicted to Starbucks because it is one very corner
- This city is the land of hot ladies and UGLY men
- I have learned what FOB means
- In order to survive here one needs to travel frequently to fun places
- If you like black ppl dont come here they are hard to find...
- If you like asian ppl then def come here...HONGCOUVER
- The motorcyclist in this city aren't very friendly
- The hip hop scene here sucks...go to Toronto or Halifax if you are looking for that in Canada
- EA Sports would be the best place in Vancouver to work at
- The transit in this city's a little bit better due to the new Canada Line and the Sky train is ok, but Bus system sucks balls. Props to Ottawa for having a better system
- The sunsets at English Bay are gorgeous
- Thanks to Danny Fernandez because I now know what a Jap dog is
- No one in this city is reliable besides the people from the east coast
Thats all for now...ugh.

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