Tuesday, September 22, 2009

South Park + Steroids + The Special Olympics

South Park is one of my best friends favorite shows. (Adrienne Power). She watches it religiously. Tonight I decided to tune it, and funny it was an episode about steroids. You know that I am on a steroid and drug tangent. Especially on my blog.

Currently I am reading a book by Dick Poud about the Scandles of the Olympics. I just read a chapter today where he mentions that steroid use is even found in the Special Olympics and that the Special Olympics is part of WADA. HOW IRONIC!!!!!!!

Anyway the story line follows:

Jimmy and Timmy ask the boys if they will come and cheer for them at the Special Olympics next Saturday in Denver. Jimmy and Timmy are at the training center and on his way to the locker room Jimmy is approached by someone who offers to sell him steroids. Jimmy decides to try them as a "performance enhancer." Cartman finds out that the winner of the Special Olympics will win a prize of $1000. Cartman thinks it would be easyor a normal person to win the prize.

In the locker room Jimmy's bag falls over and his steroids fall out, right in front of Timmy. Jimmy tries to justify his use of steroids, but Timmy isn't buying it.
Timmy is training hard and Jimmy is ready to break some records with his improved performance.

Jimmy also gets roid rage and beats up his girlfriend Nancy.

The Special Olympics get underway. Cartman participates in his first event and loses by a large margin as he does in every event in which he competes; meanwhile to Timmy's disgust Jimmy is winning (and setting records in) every event in which he is competing. At the end of the day, Jimmy is given the big award by Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds. Cartman is going to be given the Spirit Award (a $50 Shakey's gift certificate) for coming in last in every event. Jimmy knows that Cartman isn't special and is disgusted that Cartman would try cheating to win. Then Jimmy sees the look in Timmy's eyes after he's made that statement. Jimmy confesses his steroid use and insists that all he did today be stricken from the record; he further comments that anyone with steroid enhanced records should also do the right thing and come clean. Cartman tries to play off to the others that the only reason he did what he did was to help Jimmy learn his lesson about steroids. They of course don't believe him.

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