Monday, September 28, 2009

11yr Old Boys Should Not Be Lifitng Weights

So a common question is. How old can I be before I start lifting weights? NOT 11 YEARS OLD! OMG! The video I am about to show you below is of an 11 year old boy lifting weights. First of all he should be doing at this age are exercises that involve his own body weight until he is at least 16 years of age. I know for some individual the age varies because everyone is diferent both physically and mentally. However, on the average 16 is when the growth plates in the body have generally developed and lifting weights wont but stress on them. Lifting before this can damage the plates and may in turn stunt growth.

However sanctioned this lifting "meet" has some serious explaining to do and should definitely have some sort of punishment for thinking it is ok to let this 11 year old boy lift. Also what kind of parents think it is ok to let someone that young power lift?!?!

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