Friday, August 7, 2009

Life is just ridiculous sometimes...

Im scared for tomorrow...why? I cant really tell you but I will pray that it will be ok.

I read this today and it somehow reminded me of my own life.

"Though I keep in touch with my girlfriends from high school, there is space between us. There is a difference in lifestyle and life choices. Some of my friends had very few goals and sought only to get married and have children. This plan often goes astray and is a poor substitute for education and personal life goals that do not depend on the well being and earning ability of another. No woman should have to count on a guy to support her. Some of my friends are successful in their own right but aren't living the lives they once dreamed of, either socially or professionally, and seem to have enormous voids in their existence. I know, everyone's life is different and we all evolve on different levels and at varying times in our lives, so it is not my place or right to judge another's performance in life. But because of our social and economic differences, our conversations are usually one-sided, with me doing most of the talking and having all the eventful accounts, both personal and professional. I often wonder if they are as excited about their lives as they are about my life."

I don't regret much. There is one thing that I regret deeply but I cant change it. I only hope that the one person I truly care about will understand my awful decisions in the past and that tomorrow will not bring me sadness.

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