Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ummm Canada?

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How cute was that little girl who sung the American anthem tonight? Why is it that in America you only sing the American anthem? Here in Canada no matter what sport we always play both the Canadian and the American. I am not going to open that can of worms though!

FINALLY A WIN! There was another NHL game tonight so you know where I watched the game. HOME. I am so happy that this game went much more different than the first two. Also big shout out to KOBE for missing half of his free throws! Now the rest of the world can finally see that Kobe is human and makes mistakes too! Thanks for showing up today RASHAD! He was my player of the game and I definitely have to stay that Dwight stepped up and played an outstanding game as well

After the game I decided to head out into the streets of Vancouver, CANADA to show you just how many people know NOTHING about the Magic and the NBA Final. I asked the basic questions 1. Who's in the NBA final? 2. If they knew who won tonight's game? 3. What NBA player is nicknamed Superman?

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