Monday, June 29, 2009


Statements of the think big revolution by Micheal Port

I have read Micheal Ports book, The think big manifesto and I wanted to share some of his insights with you.

Statement of Core
I will identify what I stand for through a concerted process of self questioning and exploration to discover my core, the what that is so me.

I will make public what I stand for.

I will hold myself visibly accountable each day to its letter and spirit.

Statement of Independence
I will be comfortable with who I am right now and know that I am good enough.

I will use my innate talents and gifts to do big things in the world.

I will not give up in the face of others fear or disbelief.

Statement of Collaboration
I will be a person others want to work with.

I will work with others without hidden or selfish intent to accomplish our mutual goals in the service of what each of us stands for.

Statement of Discomfort
I will not seek control.

I will make visible my purpose in its service, and risks to fulfill my commitments.

Statement of Promises
I will be an authentic person, one whom others can rely on.

I will make hard promises that push me to the best of my capacity.

I will not try to fulfill. I will.

Statement of Submission
I am here to learn.

I will deliverately seek out wise and true teachers and submit to the authority of the constraints they create in the service of our goals.

Statement of Integrity
I will be congruent in private and in public, in purpose and in action.

I will act in the spirit, ligt, and service of what I stand for.

Statement of Work

I will train to be strong psychologically, intellectually, and physically so that I may have the fortitude to do big things I am capable of.

Statement of Fun
I will embrace chaos and joy.

I will let go of the false notion of control and laugh at the inevitable absurdity of existence, mine above all.

Statement of Now
I will be now. I am now.

I will not wait for the other in the false security of excuses and procrastination.

I will do now.

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