Friday, June 5, 2009

Magic/ People Magazine

There are two things I would like to address....
1. GO MAGIC...come on for real thes boys can do it...they have the talent!....I know they have the talent...and after losing the first game I know Dwight Howard isn't gonna let the Lakers slip away with any more of that nonesense...Kobe who????


2. Ya'll who read this blog...know that not only do I talk about training, sports and fitness and nutrition but I talk a little bit about my personal life....soooo yall know the twilight twitter thing about the Sam Bradley Concert...JEEEZ...I just got called by a nice lady from people magazine asking me about it....too funny. Why are these two people denying being together...what do they have to lose if they do? I don't think anything...aahhhhh well to each his own...I guess Ive denied some things in the past as well lol...thats neither here nor there though....LOL ok ok that is all. LOL.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Did you tell her the real deal? Honestly, girl, I think they don't care anymore, anyway--not after making out in front of you and everyone else backstage!