Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hard Bodies and Lifestyle Change

Ya'll might not know who LIL CEASE is. Well known as being the cousin of Notorious B.I.G and a rapper himself who had an album peak at #26 on the Billboard charts (Wikipedia, 2009). He resides in New York and has definitely changed his image in a huge way.
By image I mean his physical fitness! The man got himself together in a big way and even nutritionally! WOWOWOW I am very impressed!

Image if Lil Cease Before
Lil Cease (Center) NOW

Change is possible. You have to want it. Although tough, lifestyle change is one of the most difficult things to do in this world. Think about this: For 30 years you get up go to work, eat out, party and consume alcohol and drugs until late night hours over and over and over again. The Result is a habit of unhealthy lifestyle choices. If you have been living that way in so long it is mentally and physically tough to change and develop healthier habits. You have to be very dedicated but IT IS POSSIBLE!

That's exactly what Lil Cease did. Lil Cease is a great example of how someone can change for the good. He took a few years off and now has changed his life for the better.
Here is a little bit of what he is up to now:

He has also developed a DVD. Check out his website and info on his change and what he is doing here:

You can Also check him on myspace:

One More Video to show you just how he changed and how you can change :) (I remind you this is his opinion on healthy choices hehe) But none the less there are some great examples in this video!

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