Sunday, June 7, 2009

Game 2 of The NBA Finals

Even though I don't currently live in Orlando, doesn't mean I can't cheer from Canada! I Watched the game at home in my living room because the local sports bar by my house refused to let me watch Game 1 due to the NHL finals. Ugh Canada is so sports bias sometimes. I am a 100% Magic fan so I stayed home and threw a party to watch this one, sorry I couldn't be on Wall Street :p.

All week I've been wondering if the Magic would bring the *magic* or if Kobe was going to get an easy run again? Well I was happy to see that Lee easily got the magic on he boards first and that the Magic's energy level was high. This definitely was a good start to the game. But the momentum quickly died down and it was a very quiet first half. Except for Rashard Lewis who seemed to be the only person from the "shooting team" to be shooting and scoring (18 to be exact). I enjoyed seeing Kobe kept to single digits too!

The second half was way more exciting and much more fast paced than the first had been. I was ecstatic to finally see a dunk from Dwight Howard in the 3rd quarter. Despite a ridiculous amount of turn overs. Then things began looking even better when Turkoglu decided to heat things up before the 3rd finished. I wish that Orlando could have put down some more free throws. Ugh and what about Pietrus getting fouled out, I had expected a bit more from him but the rest of the team stepped up. Big props to the magic for keeping it close the whole game.

I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who almost had a heart attack when Lee missed that lay up with 9s on the clock. Then Bryant was blocked by Turkoglu with one 6/10s remaining. That was unreal! I kept going over and over in my head who they were going to give the ball to for the buzzer beater. It ended up being Lee who missed but he was sooooo close...ughhhhh OVERTIME. I honestly was dying at this point with a heart attack. In OT unfortunately the Lakers just pulled away for their second win at home. Now its back home to Orlando and they def need that hometown crowd to get their *magic* back.

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