Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strength Training Coach Randy Hadley

Seen in this video David Oliver, Olympic 110m Hurdler training at the gym at THE DISNEY WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS training with his Olympic Strength Coach Randy Hadley.

During my Orlando visit to train with Adrienne Power we did our strength workouts with RANDY. We did the workouts at this very same gym at the Disney Wide World of Sports. He is an amazing trainer...definitely pushes you and definitely knows what he's talking about. The track athletes that train with Brooks Johnson that I discussed last week are truly lucky to have him as their trainer.

Olympic Lifts with Randy featuring David Oliver

Hamstring Holds with Randy featuring David Oliver

I personally love this one...its one of my fav exercises to do with athletes and non athletes: Randy featuring David Oliver doing Accelerated Dumbell Step Ups

Randy again doing a Staggered Leg Raise with David Oliver. THIS IS A GREAT CORE EXERCISE IF DONE RIGHT!

Great exercise for running form is the Tibia's Randy with David demonstrating again

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