Monday, April 13, 2009


For those of you who know me and for those of you who don't: I am a sprinter not a runner...soooo going for long runs is a challenge for me. I am trained to run fast for short periods of time followed by lots of rest. However, lately ive been trying to get out for more and more runs and slowly train my aerobic system on top of my anaerobic system. Honestly as hard as it is for me and as much as I am more a fan of sprinting I am slowly beginning to enjoy it more and more. It helps me clear my mind and forget about the problems that I am dealing with, it gets me out of the gym and enjoying the fresh air. Fortunately I live right next to the seawall and an amazing park, so many there are a lot of great running paths and beaches. It is beautiful to run next to the ocean and very soothing. I suggest trying to find a nice area by where you live, where you feel comfortable running, and make sure that the area is safe. I think it's important to feel safe and have different running choices. If you are always running the same route it gets boring. So make sure that it is an area where you can have some variety.

Soon Ill be posting a lot of running and training tips :)

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