Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today my clients and I went roller blading around Stanley Park. I think I had been taking for granted the area of Vancouver that I live in. Not everyone has access to such a wonderful park with so many beaches, bike paths, rollerblade paths, walking paths....etc....STANLEY PARK

In the summer it is an amazing place...especially first thing in the morning with the warm sun, cool breeze and the smell of the forest. Being from New Brunswick I have always been a nature kind of girl so I feel at home in these surroundings.

Rollerblading is an amazing exercise...not only do you work on cardio but you get a full body workout using both your upper and lower body...i.e arms and legs. Especially great for your quadriceps and abductors....soooo grab a friend and go for a nice blade!
xoxoxo Ali

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