Friday, March 27, 2009

Words That I needed to hear

Photo by KEK
My friend from NY wrote me an email today and it was just what I needed to I thought that I would share it with you...

What happens to an individual is not the only thing that molds the individual. What we need to realize is that there are forces beyond our control in the physical world that are like a domino effect, where no "other" can't be truly blamed not even ourselves. Whats more important is being responsible for all those choices, thoughts and emotions that may have appear +/- (positive or negative) and to truly forgive thyself especially of the egotistical delusional guilt and fear based stories we come up with, remember you are your own story teller.
P.S Empower thyself with love and compassion in how u interpret and react to what u are experiencing within thyself. There is no rush, this takes time. Metaphorically speaking, One has to go through Hell on earth to Find Heaven on earth but it a starts with LOVE within u, this is a shared message with Love MQ :)

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