Monday, February 2, 2009


Above: Pittsburgh's quarterback...ugh what a feat...his second Championship and he's only 27!!!

Last night, alone in my living room I watched along with a few other million viewers one of the if not the best game of football that I have ever seen. My mothers favorite team Pittsburgh Steelers captured the NFL Championship 27 - 23. It was a heart stopping, back and forth, fight till the end game.

Above: Santonio Holmes the games MVP.

I think special recognition should also be given to my moms favorie player Troy Polamalu This man is nicknamed the Silent Attacker...basically if you watch him closely he is an amazing runner, and pretty much stalks his prey outta no where and comes flying at them with his hair blowing behind him hahaha.... I LOVE IT and so does my Mom...I tried to tell her he's married, but she doesn't care...anyway big props to all of the amazing athletes that were in Superbowl 43!

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  1. You shoulda been heeeere for it! BuckT