Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walking/Article/The Wrestler

Hey Ya'll! We've been having some great weather here in Vancouver...by great I mean mild...and no snow lol...so today I jet setted around Stanley Park. It was nice...foggy but nice! I need to do that more often! I live so close and its great exercise and there's nothing better than fresh air! On top of this its a great way to clear your mind and refocus. :) So get to walking! If it isn't as mild where you are bundle up and still get out there in that fresh air and put your feet to the streets!

Also I am featured in a full artilce online at http://www.thetrickplay.com Chris, the writer did a little piece on me. He asked about my martime roots and a lot of things that I have been up to as far as work, training, people I've met and stuff along that nature! Check it out! I also think that it's great to see someone from the maritimes taking some initiative to do something for the sporting and athletic community so big props to CHRIS SURETTE from Trickplay!

After my giant walk in between work and such I also checked out the movie THE WRESTLER starring Mickey Rourke. Wrestling has always had a spot in my all time fav sports. My mom and grand father were lets call it...wrestle maniacs lol. I love all the old classic wrestlers...i.e big bossman, undertaker, bush wackers, legion of doom, ultimate warrior etc etc....anyway I had heard some good reviews so I decided to check it out. It was great! I suggest if you enjoy wrestling that you check it out too...it goes into a little bit about how even though it is "fake" that they are still real athletes and put there bodies through a lot to achieve the realness of it all that we love.

Anywhoooo I gotta run!

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